About Finch.

FINCH is born from the desire to create a hotel that is more than just a decent place to sleep. A hotel for guests who desire more than the boring and expected. We do not believe in mediocrity. Also, not in just doing so.

Set within a historical building FINCH is a boutique hotel with an adventurous personality and good taste. Where you are treated as a guest at a new friends’ home. FINCH offers luxury without being formal and stiff.

We promise to welcome you with open arms and to listen carefully to your needs. We pride ourselves on being genuinely interested in you. Personalized service tailored to your unique wants and needs.


Back to our Roots.

In 1871, the doors of the stately Hotel De Keizer opened on Keizerstraat, a new street formerly comprised of old ramparts and fortifications. This soon to be renowned landmark hotel formed the connection between the then new station and the old town center. In 1918, Rotterdamsche Bank NV bought this iconic building to start a branch there. From the 70s it was used as an office building. Nowadays, 146 years later, we embrace the historic uniqueness of this characteristic building. FINCH is a new chapter in a glorious history. Age-old, but alive and kicking.